Lazy Day Desserts: Lucky Charms Cereal Treats

Lucky Charms Treats

Sometimes, you need a whole lot of dessert and you need it quick. Like, for example, when you’re going to a 20 person BBQ at a friend’s house on Saturday after a long week at work. Sometimes, you also need to not turn on your oven because it’s 90 degrees outside when it’s not even technically Spring yet. Thanks LA…

Potluck dessert

Usually, Rice Krispy treats are the perfect, throw-together, crowd-pleasing, no-bake potluck dessert. But, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and I wanted to do something a little more festive. Enter, the Lucky Charms Treat.

These follow a classic cereal treat method, but there’s something about the extra colorful marshmallows mixed into the treats that makes them…magically delicious. ^.^


So here’s the thing, these are cereal treats, not science. You can be a little rough with the exact amounts of ingredients, and everything will be fine. I used these rough measurement and they turned out amazing.

  • 1 standard bag of marshmallows (about 10 oz)
  • 1 normal box of lucky charms (about 11.5 oz)
  • 1 stick of butter (1/2 cup)

The key to cereal treats is to melt the butter and the marshmallows over low heat. Be patient! Marshmallows are made of sugar, and if sugar gets too hot it gets really hard when it cools (like candy). If you melt the marshmallows over high heat, they will end up much hotter than they should be, and you will have hard, brick-like treats. Not good. So just take you time while melting the butter and marshmallows together in a big pot.

When they’re melted, pour in the box of cereal and start stirring and folding them in. Mix until all the cereal is just coated in the marshmallow mixture, then stop. If you keep stirring, the marshmallows in the cereal will start melting and smearing color all over. Swiftly pour everything into a waiting, buttered 8×8 inch pan. I made a double batch and used a half sheet cake pan.

While everything is still warm, butter pieces of waxed paper, a spatula, or your very clean, heat-resistant hands and press the cereal mixture down into the pan evenly. You need to use butter because otherwise whatever you touch to the melted marshmallow will start sticking immediately. Press down firmly to get everything into the corners and to remove air bubbles, but don’t crush them to death. We’re still trying to avoid making bricks.

Let everything cool for about 20 minutes(or less if you put them in the fridge), then invert the pan and use a serrated knife to saw them into small squares.

Magically Delicious These were a big hit, and they’re perfect for St. Patrick’s day, or any day!

I hope you enjoy them.



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