Leftover Candy? Make Candy Bark!

Candy bark closeup

Maybe you hosted a Valentine’s Day party last weekend with a candy bar, or maybe you have little ones coming home with grab bags full of conversation hearts, or maybe you just can’t resist a good post-holiday candy sale. Whatever the reason, it’s a real possibility that you are finding yourself in a leftover candy “crisis”! But fear not, a solution is at hand!

This is a super quick and fun project that only really needs 2 ingredients: candies, and chocolate (chips or candy melts work well for this). Sprinkles optional 🙂


Start by gently melting chocolate chips or candy melts over a double boiler or in 30 second intervals in your microwave. Spread a piece of wax paper over a baking tray, and then pour the chocolate right on top and gently spread with a knife or spatula. If you want to layer multiple colors of chocolate, like I did, chill the first layer in the refrigerator for a few minutes before melting and pouring on the second layer.


Then, grab an assortment of candies. I had conversation hearts and holiday M&Ms. While the chocolate is still melted, sprinkle the candies on top. Toss on sprinkles if you like, and for a messier look, drizzle more melted chocolate over the whole thing. Chill in the refrigerator until everything is set. About 15 minutes.


Take the wax paper off the sheet and use a large knife to chop it into big chunks. This would also make a great neighbor gift or party favor before the holiday!

Hopefully this helps everyone suffering with a leftover candy “problem” *wink wink*

-Jillian Cupcake



  1. This looks beautiful and so yummy! I think I will make it for music night this weekend! Great post! XO

  2. Great idea! I can see all kinds of holiday candies becoming bark. Jelly beans. candy corn, etc. Very clever ❤

  3. SO WISE! You are so wise…

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