Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Cake


I have a soft spot in my heart for vintage style decorated cakes.

Vintage Valentine CakeMaybe it’s fond childhood memories of snagging the corner slice of birthday cake bedecked in buttercream roses, or my love of all things pink and lacy. Or maybe it’s just an appreciation of laboriously handcrafted goods, because good-golly-miss-molly all that piping was not easy! I definitively need more practice with my piping bag.

buttercream swags

For Valentine’s Day this year, I wanted to make a cake that evoked that old school, Italian bakery style look. The key to this look is to just keep piping on more and more detail. Shell boarders! Layered swag edging! More layers of edging! Put a rose on it!

rose detail

For this cake, I filled chocolate cake with dense fudgy filling, and enrobed it in baby pink Swiss Merinue Buttercream.  For the flowers, I used Basic Buttercream, as it’s much sturdier for piping intricate detail.

batter pour

chocolate cake

Here’s a little secret to making a boxed chocolate cake mix taste amazing. I always add a teaspoon of instant coffee or instant espresso powder to the dry mix. It makes the chocolate flavor of the cake more intense!

Valentine's Day Cake

With a Valentine like this, no one will be able to resist being your sweetheart!




  1. Beautiful!

  2. Cath Kidston would be proud. So am I! How did you get the pale pink frosting so smooth?

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