Pastel Ombre Peep Cake

pastel ombre peep cakeI know it’s a little bit early for Easter, but I made this cake last weekend for a potluck where the theme was “birds”. I’d seen a tutorial for making a beautiful swirled ombre cake from Sweetapolita, and have been dying to give it a try.

peep cake 1

I started with a pallet of pink, yellow, and greenish blue pastel frosting.

peep cake 8You can check out Sweetapolita’s video tutorial for this frosting method here. She does a fantastic job of explaining each step, and it really was very simple! I started with a crumb coated cake, then slowly added stripes of blue, yellow, and pink frosting. As you smooth the cake, the stripes naturally swirl together to create this beautiful watercolor or ombre effect.

peep cake 6


This cake’s color scheme reminded me of a pastel sunset.  I would recommend that you think of how the colors will look when they mix together, and that it will result in pretty shades, not muddy ones. Mixing complementary colors (red/green, yellow/purple etc) will give you a not so nice result.

After I was done creating my swirly pastel frosting, I still had to add the “bird” component. Easter is in March this year, so the stores are already full of Peeps! I considered using pink, yellow, and blue peeps on top, but the other colors were just too bright compared to the pastel cake. I decided on an all yellow cast of marshmallow chicks, and added a few colorful sprinkles to make it even more cheerful.

peep cake 7This cake would work with any number of pretty spring colors, so I hope that you enjoy it for Easter!


Jillian Cupcake



  1. Sweet peeps!

  2. this would also be an adorable baby shower cake!

  3. also, great plate 🙂

  4. SOOOOO cute! And beautiful colors!!!

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