Sky High Red Velvet Rosette Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my sweet friend’s birthday party. She had a big birthday bash at her house, so I knew I would need to bring a big cake! This beauty is 4 layers of rich red velvet cake, filled with cream cheese frosting and frosted in swirls of pink swiss meringue buttercream.  All birthday cakes need sprinkles, but I realized I was running low on the classic rainbow sprinkles (how in the world did THAT happen?), so I got creative and mixed together a combo of rainbow sprinkles, heat shaped quins, and pearlized jimmies.

I love this birthday mix, and think making custom sprinkle blends could be lots of fun 🙂

This frosting style made a big splash, but was very quick to do. I frosted the entire cake smooth with a crumb coat of the pink frosting, then loaded up a pastry bag with a  closed star tip

like this: 

Then, hold the bag at a 90degree angle from the side of the cake, and draw a small spiral, starting at the inside and making about one full round. Pull the bag away, and you should have a rosette! Repeat all around the side of the cake in rows.

Then switch to a small star tip and pipe some kind of squiggles around the top edge. Drown it all in your custom sprinkle blend and add candles!  Dance, sing, wish, blow out the candles and serve with big scoops of vanilla ice cream. A sweet birthday cake for a sweet friend and a very happy birthday.



  1. Beautiful!

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