League of Legends – Bittersweet Lulu’s Cupcake!

Some of you may remember the Teemo Cake that I made last September that showcased one of my favorite champions from League of Legends.  Lots has happened since then, including getting my awesome new job, and getting asked to make another League of Legends cake to promote the Noxian Noms food decorating contest (contest is now closed).  One of the newer champions, Lulu, has a candy themed skin, and as one of her abilities, she can polymorph an enemy into an adorable sad-but-cute pink cupcake for a few seconds!

Image copyright by RiotGames

So, this is that cupcake in real cake form!  My co-workers are always happy to have cake, especially when it’s from the game we all love so much! I made a bunch of the little baby cupcakes so I would have more to share.




  1. awwwww amazing. i love them! and lulu! sweetest yordle in the game :3
    is there any way i could have the recipe for those? pleeeease :$

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