Teemo Cake – League of Legends


The Mr. and I are nerds, big nerds. Lately, one of our favorite games has been League of Legends. So, for his birthday, I knew I had to come up with a League of Legends cake. It’s pretty difficult to make computer game characters into cake, but this little guy, Teemo, fit the bill pretty well.

Here is what the actual character looks like for comparison. I left out some of the details and accessories, but he’s still cute 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mr! Good luck on the fields of justice!

Leave me a comment with your summoner name if you want to add me in game 🙂



  1. Captain Teemo on duty! So cute. 🙂

  2. That is the first LoL cake I have seen, awesome job!!


  3. HitorBocchi says:

    Cho’Gath Noooo! Very well done, it looks….delicious.

  4. I want be friend of Teemo Cake-maker please.


  5. But to eat it you have to kill him 😦

  6. This is legit.

    summoner: ostonzi

  7. Awesome ! 🙂

  8. Hey,

    I was planning on making a Teemo cake for a friend’s birthday. Can you please let me know how you made this?

    • Hey Jen,

      The body begins with a 6″ cake that I sculpted down to better suit the body shape. The head and limbs are made of sculpted rice crispy treat. Cover the body and cereal treats in buttercream frosting and then fondant. I hope this helps and I’m sure your friend will love their cake!

  9. Have I ever showcased this? I’m perplexed, I know I saw it and loved it, but I can’t remember if I’ve talked about it before. What a crime! What’s your summoner name?


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  2. […] of you may remember the Teemo Cake that I made last September that showcased one of my favorite champions from League of Legends. […]

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