Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes

Any layer cake can be made into cupcake form! There was some extra batter from my cousin’s anniversary cake, so I made some little cupcakes. To make your favorite layer cake as a cupcake, just bake the batter in cupcake liners, use a little spoon to make a hollow to hold some filling, then use the frosting to make a big swirl. There wasn’t room for both lemon curd and a raspberry inside, so I used the fresh berries as decoration. It always helps to use some of a signature ingredient in the decoration, like some fruit, chocolate shavings, or toasted coconut.

To get the signature frosting swirl, use a pastry bag with a 1M (large open star) tip and pipe a swirl that starts at the outer edge and spirals to the middle. Would you be interested in seeing a post on cupcake frosting techniques? Let me know in the comments!



  1. ddd,
    show me how to pipe a rose, please.

  2. I’d love to learn more about cupcake frosting! Or decorating in general. Yours always look so pretty 🙂 -Lauren

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