Banana Pudding Pops

August is almost over, and it is almost time to say goodbye to summer. Although I do love sweaters and pumpkin flavored coffees, Summer is so much more pleasant than fall. Even though this time of year no longer means “back to school” for me, it’s still the end of warm and lazy days and the beginning of me considering if I need a scarf when I go outside. I’ve never done well in cold weather, and I tend to break out my coats long before anyone else. Seeing as how it’s very difficult to enjoy a popsicle in Winter, I wanted to try out some simple pudding pops while the weather still allows it. Also, this is maximum enjoyment for minimum effort and calories as I used a fat free and sugar free pudding mix.

Simply mix the pudding according to package instructions (I used skim milk). I divided the pudding in half and added a few drops of yellow color to one half in an attempt to make a slightly striped pop. My effect was minimal, it would be more dramatic in vanilla pudding, I think. Divide the pudding into paper cups and place in the freezer for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, place a popsicle stick in each cup. By now, the pudding should be firm enough to hold it up. Freeze the pops for several hours or until you are ready to eat them.

To serve, cut a slit in the paper cup, and simply tear it away.

As you can see, my striped effect is slightly more subtle than I would have liked. No matter, they were still delicious.

I’ve always loved banana pudding and any banana flavored candy. I have no idea why, because banana flavored things taste nothing like real bananas. Banana, along with cherry and watermelon, are flavors that taste nothing like the real fruits, but that we associate with the fruit anyway. It’s very strange, but I can’t help but love it anyway. Of course, these would be as delicious with any pudding flavor or combination of flavors you can think of. They are also only about 70 calories each, so they are perfect for a sweet treat without overindulging.

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of Summer!


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