Simple Double Chocolate Cake

Sometimes you get invited to a birthday party at the last moment. Although no one asked me to bring a cake, and I didn’t have the time after work to make a decorated cake, I felt bad about arriving empty-handed. This is a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread(Cake) from the bread bible from the section on quick breads. Honestly, this is a cake that comes together quickly in one bowl and bakes in a loaf pan. No frosting, just a quick dust of cocoa powder before getting wrapped up, still warm, and taken to the party. Sometimes cake does not need to be in little cups, or elaborate layers and swirled in frosting to be special. This rich chocolate cake smelled wonderful as soon as it went into the oven.

The party broke up too soon for anyone to have cake. It’s a shame though, because I would have loved to try a slice.  It smelled excellent and I hope the birthday boy enjoyed it. The Mr. was equally disappointed, so perhaps I’ll have to make another one just for us.


Do you have any special memories or family traditions about birthday cakes?


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