Cottage Cheese Dill Bread

This is the variation listed to the ricotta cheese bread. However, there are almost no shared ingredients between the two, so I’m not really sure why this is a variation to the ricotta bread, and not a stand alone recipe. For example, the ricotta bread uses unbleached all purpose flour, butter and water. The cottage cheese bread uses bread flour, no added fat (besides what is in the cottage cheese) and milk. I chose to bake this in a loaf pan because I didn’t think the dough was firm enough to hold a free form shape. This bread had tremendous oven spring and was soon standing double the height of the pan.

The name here is slightly misleading. Although this bread contains both cottage cheese and a large amount of fresh dill, the overpowering flavor comes from half a cup of chopped onion in the dough. The finished bread has a strong but slightly sweet flavor of onions, which the mr. loves, but that I was less impressed with. I was looking forward to the delicate flavor of the dill, but I feel it gets lost in all the onion. Still, this is a very tasty loaf of bread and will do well in savory sandwiches and eventually croutons. Next time, I might just leave out the dill, I really don’t see a need for it. Perhaps a stronger herb such as thyme would be a better foil to the onion.

Out of respect to the author, I will not be posting any of the recipes unless I make significant changes to them. This recipe comes from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum.



  1. ddd,
    one of my favorite breads is dill rye, perhaps caraway seeds would work in this recipe.
    also, the rosemary olive oil bread we serve at the restaurant is a huge hit, so you might want to try rosemary. don’t forget to “bruise” your herbs a little. keep baking, i love your blog, and you!!

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