Classic Hearth Bread

This is the first recipe from the chapter entitled “Hearth Breads”. All of the breads up to this point were soft sandwich breads, flatbreads, or quick breads (which are really hardly bread at all…). The sandwich breads all had a higher percentage of fat (bakers percentage around 15% ) which keep them soft and moist, but the hearth breads have almost no added fat, which results in a crusty, chewy, artisan-style bread.

This is not the bread for turkey sandwiches and cinnamon toast. This is the bread to set on the dinner table and dip freshly torn chunks into balsalmic and olive oil, or to balance on the lip of a hearty bowl of soup. Peanut butter is not the friend of hearth bread, but fresh chevre and fig jam makes the perfect companion.

Creamy, tangy chevre and sweet fig preserves make a beautiful combo that stands up to this hearty, chewy bread. Add a cold glass of Pinot Grigio and this is my idea of a perfect lazy summer dinner.

Out of respect to the author, I will not be posting any of the recipes unless I make significant changes to them. This recipe comes from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum.


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