Nyan Cat Cake – Old School Style

First, if you don’t know what nyan cat is, please take a moment to review the following material, otherwise this cake will just be a lot less entertaining.

From wikipediaNyan Cat (also known as Pop Tart Cat)[1] is an internet meme, referring to an 8-bit animated gif of a flying cat with the body of a cherry Pop-Tart, leaving a rainbow behind the cat; or to a video of the animated ​.GIF​, set to a remix of the song “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!”[1].”

This is the original video

See Knowyourmeme.com for more info.

Cute huh? You can Nyan Forever or listen to Nyan Dubstep and buy all kinds of nyan merchandise  .

I love internet memes, and all kinds of nerdy things in general, so I wanted to immortalize the nyan cat in cake, but I didn’t want to use fondant or make a crazy 3-d cake. The nyan cat is in 8-bit, so I wanted to keep with the old school feeling and make a grocery store style cake, complete with piped shell border and buttercream roses.

This cake was so incredibly fun to make. Those are my first buttercream roses ever.  How’d I do? I think I’ll keep practicing, but I love the old school style they give the cake.

What flavor is nyan cake? Funfetti of course! You can make any white cake into “Funfetti” by adding about 1/6 cup of sprinkles to the cake batter. I used “classic” American style buttercream for the icing (recipe HERE). I prefer meringue buttercreams in general, but this holds up better for all the piping work.

Enjoy! Nyannyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyannya!



  1. ddd,
    perfect old school roses! teach me how?

  2. Best birthday cake ever…

  3. Nice birthday cake. Can i share it @ nyan cat fans’ site, http://nyan-cat.com? Credit will be given by linking to your site. I think many nyan cat fans will love this :>

  4. i wonder have u received my previous comment? I really like the cake. Could i share the cake at nyan cat fans’ site? I will link this to your site too.

  5. Best. Cake. Ever.

  6. i love this cake neko:D


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