Biscuits, Four Ways

There are four biscuit recipes in The Bread Bible. From the top left: Angel Light Biscuits, Butter Biscuits, Touch of Grace Biscuits, and Sweet Potato Biscuits. A few weekends ago, I made all of them. This is kind of a hard post to write, because honestly, I am less than impressed and probably won’t be making any of them again.

From top: Touch of Grace, Butter, Angel Light and Sweet Potato. Rose makes the butter, angel light and sweet potato biscuits with a strange secret ingredient: hard boiled egg yolks. She says they improve the texture, but I’m sorry to say I really didn’t notice a difference, it was just kind of a pain to clean the egg yolk out of the sieve you have to mash it through.

Overall: the butter biscuits are a biscuit made with butter as the fat and leavened with baking powder. They tasted fine, but they weren’t better than the recipe I’ve made a hundred times from the Joy of Cooking, and they were a lot more complicated to make.

The Touch of Grace biscuits were just awful. I honestly think that it must be my fault because there’s no way they could have been this bad. They were made with shortening (like my beloved Joy of Cooking biscuits) and also leavened with baking powder. It was a much wetter dough that was supposed to rise in the oven. They didn’t for me, but like I said, I blame myself for these.

The Angel Light biscuits were made with butter but they were leavened with both baking powder and yeast. These were delicious, but because of the yeast and the multiple rise times, it took over 6 hours to make them. They were good, but I can’t imagine myself going to that much effort for a biscuit.

The Sweet Potato biscuits were exactly the same as the Angel Light biscuits, but they contained mashed sweet potato. These tasted even better, but I still don’t imagine myself making another 6 hour biscuit recipe.

The butter biscuits were delicious with cherry preserves and more butter with Sunday breakfast, but I still prefer my old Joy of Cooking recipe, or even the recipe on the back of the baking powder can. The butter biscuits were also more difficult to make.

Sorry Rose, up till here I’ve really liked everything, but I’m just not a fan of the biscuits. I think I’ll stick to the breads.

Out of respect to the author, I will not be posting any of the recipes unless I make significant changes to them. This recipe comes from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum and is available at bookstores everywhere or possibly in your local library.


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