Meet Penny!

I usually try to keep to the subject of baked goods here, but I need to show off our super cute, newly adopted dog, Penny! I’ve waited my whole life to have a dog, and my lease finally allows it, so here she is! Penny was waiting for us at a local animal shelter and is the sweetest little dog you could hope to meet.

Poor thing was brought in as a stray, so they had no information on her, including her name. They started calling her Penny at the shelter, so we decided to stick with it. She still doesn’t understand that it’s her name. We’re working on teaching her. She’s a Corgi mixed with Lab and possibly some other breeds. They guess that she’s around 5 years old.

She makes it very difficult to bake/take photos because she stares at me like this the whole time.

“I can haz cookie?”

I made some cookies to celebrate Penny’s debut to the internet. These are dog bone shaped cookies for people. Penny has plenty of treats just for her 🙂

I’m a bit new to decorated sugar cookies, I’ll work on it…

But, they are so delicious! I used this recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle. It made some of the most delicious sugar cookies I’ve ever had. The only thing I did differently was, I chilled the dough before rolling. It’s July and I don’t have air conditioning, I needed some insurance.

Welcome home, Penny!



  1. She’s your Lucky Penny!

  2. Adorable picture. And the dog’s very cute, too!

  3. yayyy 🙂 penny!!!! 🙂 🙂

  4. My favorite post, by far! Can’t wait to meet my new granddoggie!!! Welcome to the family, Miss Penny!

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