Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is one of the most wonderful food groups. It’s delicious enough to eat as a dessert, yet socially acceptable to eat for breakfast. I personally believe that all desserts deserve inclusion in la petite dejuner, but sadly, most do not agree. This cake begins with a rich, buttery cake, layered with cinnamon sugar apple slices and topped with a dense, walnut studded crumb layer. This recipe was written to be baked in a loaf pan, but I’m really not that fond of loaf shaped desserts, so I baked mine in a spring-form pan and cut it into wedges.

A very strange thing happened when I baked this cake. The crumb layer I sprinkled on top sunk to the middle while baking. I’m really not sure why this happened, but I suspect that my oven was not hot enough to set the batter before the weight of the crumb topping sunk in. My oven is…ummm…vintage. That’s what we call old things now, right? Well, my “vintage” oven is not the most accurate or even cooking device but I use an oven thermometer to get slightly more reliable results. Still, I’m blaming my sunken crumb layer on my oven. In any case, this cake is absolutely delicious. The apples with cinnamon make a great filling and are easily accessible all year round, but I would love to try this again with berries or stone fruit in the center. Even though coffee cake is a very strange term (it’s not coffee flavored, why are we naming the cake after what you eat it with? We don’t call Oreos “milk cookies”. These are the tough life questions we may never have the answer to) it is a wonderful creation and I fully support it’s place on the breakfast table. Try your own versions with seasonal fruits, and even if your crumb layer sinks to the middle, don’t worry because it will be just as yummy.

Out of respect to the author, I will not be posting any of the recipes unless I make significant changes to them. This recipe comes from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum and is available at bookstores everywhere or possibly in your local library.


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