Basic White Bread/French Toast

I’ve finally made my first real loaf of bread from The Bread Bible. Muffins and bagels are fantastic, but they’re not really what I think of as bread. I started off with a basic white sandwich bread, and I’ve already learned things from this loaf that will change the way I bake bread forever. Before, when making bread, I would mix all the ingredients, let the dough rise, shape it, let it rise again, then bake it. Rose’s method involves more time and considerably more steps, but it makes a big difference in the taste and the structure of the bread. First, you start by mixing all of the water with about half of the flour and yeast. Then you mix the remaining flour with the salt and sugar and sprinkle this flour mixture over the flour/water mixture. Do not stir! Let this begin to go to work for around 4 hours or refrigerate it for up to 24 hours. This allows the water to absorb more evenly into the flour and the longer rising time contributes to the flavor from the yeast. Then, you must knead the bread. I like to do this in my stand mixer but you can also knead by hand. Kneading is to develop the gluten in the flour into a strong network that will support the carbon dioxide from the yeast as the bread rises. Gluten is the protein present in wheat, and the manual kneading action gets the proteins to join with each other and develop long strands, that join into a network. You can see the result of this gluten network if you stretch a piece of well kneaded dough, like this.
See how thin I can stretch the dough without any tearing? This means the dough is ready to rise and then be shaped. This bread rose high above the pan to give it a nice domed top. The inside had a very fine and even crumb without any big holes.

This bread is perfect for toast or sandwiches, but I thought I would make something a little sweeter. I’d love to show you how easy it is to make french toast! It’s wonderful with bread you can slice thickly, but of course you can make this with normal sandwich bread from the store. You will need: bread, milk, eggs, and vanilla.

Mix them all together and toss in your thick sliced bread. Let the mixture soak in for a few minutes then turn the bread over to it’s evenly saturated.

Then gently fry the slices in a buttered pan, turning them so they are evenly brown. Make sure you cook them over a medium low heat so the inside of the bread will be cooked before the outside burns. Now all they need is some fruit, powdered sugar, and maple syrup.

Yum! Dig right in!

Sweet crispy outside and creamy vanilla scented insides. So delicious. Go ahead and make french toast on a weekday morning, it won’t take more than 15 minutes, and it feels so decadent. Enjoy!



  1. I can personally attest that this was delicious!

  2. Natalie says:

    This looks amazingly delicious!!

  3. it looks yummy 🙂


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