5 Minute Banana Dulce De Leche Pie

Are you going to a BBQ or potluck this weekend? Bring this pie. Not sure what to give your “has everything” dad for Father’s Day? Men love this pie. It’s fantastic, will only take you five minutes to make and you won’t have to turn on a single heat producing appliance. Great right? Let’s stop wasting those precious summer minutes and learn how to make this pie!

Start with a store bought gram cracker pie crust. If you want to get fancy you can make your own, but I don’t have a food processor so I just bought one.

Just take the plastic off the top. Pretty easy so far. Now, peel four ripe bananas and slice them. Dump them unceremoniously into the crust.

Fantastic. Now, acquire a can of dulce de leche. You can just buy this at the store (either with the condensed milk or in the Hispanic foods section) or you can make it yourself. If you want to get fancy and make it yourself, all you need to do is boil a can of sweetened condensed milk (the entire unopened can – minus the label) for several hours. WARNING – doing this has a small chance of detonating a small grenade of hot sugar in your kitchen, make sure the entire can is completely covered with water the entire time. I cooked four cans at once in my slow cooker a few months ago, and they last unopened for a long time. Once again, I have never had a can explode but it can happen! If you don’t want to live dangerously, or if you really are making this pie tomorrow, just buy some dulce de leche and call it a day. However you get the dulce de leche, now is the time to open it and pour the entire can of sticky goodness on top of the banana slices.

Almost done! Now, get Cool Whip and top off the pie. Personally, I prefer to pour 2 cups of whipping cream and 2 tablespoons of sugar into my mixer and let it whip while I run around and finish getting ready for the BBQ I’m taking this to. If this is for Father’s Day, don’t forget to write your dad a card and tell him how much you love him. Bringing him a pie is good proof that you love him, but it’s always nice to have it in writing.

Don’t make the top look perfect, it’s going to taste so fantastic you want it to look homemade so people will believe you when you tell them you made it. Finally, I like to garnish the top by sprinkling some cocoa powder over the top. you hardly taste it, but I think it looks nice.

Done! Carry it carefully if you’re taking it somewhere because the dulce de leche can spill out the sides. That stuff is delicious, you don’t want to lose any.

This is the easiest and most delicious pie I’ve ever made. It’s perfect for summer events (or you can eat it all yourself, I won’t tell) and all of the ingredients can be bought pre-made.

Let’s review.

Banana Dulce De Leche Pie  (I saw a photo of this pie on Pinterest that links to Brooklyn Limestone)


  • Gram cracker pie crust
  • 4 ripe (not brown) bananas
  • 1 can dulce de leche
  • Cool Whip or whipped cream
  • Coca powder (optional – garnish)
  1. Slice bananas and put them in the bottom of the crust.
  2. Pour dulce de leche over banana slices
  3. Cover top of pie with whipped cream or Cool Whip
  4. Garnish top with cocoa powder if desired.

I really hope you make this pie, it’s too easy not to. If you’re going to a cookout this weekend, you can make this in the time it would take you to stop at the store on the way there to buy chips and salsa, and everyone knows there are always way too many chips at potlucks anyway.





  1. Easily one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted…With the exception of a small leak that created a slight mess, it was completely fantastic. And now that I know how easy it is to make, i’m probably literally going to make it tomorrow.

  2. ddd,
    cool whip? NEVER!!!

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