Carrot Bread with Raisins

Finally, a healthy post! It’s summer, so I try to make sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies to stay slim in my bathing suit. What? This has carrots and raisins in it! That’s at least two servings of fruits and vegetables right there to start your day with. Just ignore the fact that carrot bread, like banana bread, occupies that culinary gray area between cake and bread. It has very similar ingredients to cake, in fact this carrot bread has all the same ingredients as carrot cake but with more carrot, less oil and less leavening so it creates a hearty and slightly less sweet loaf rather than a fluffy cake. However, it does taste delicious with cream cheese frosting.

The raisins are optional, because those little dried grapes are very polarizing.  You’d be amazed how many people detest raisins. Personally, they remind me of those cute little snack boxes of raisins that would show up in lunchboxes from time to time. Maybe raisin haters just associate them with the bitter disappointment of getting raisins on Halloween instead of chocolate. I’m not here to make anyone relive such traumatic dried fruit related incidents, so include or exclude them at your discretion.

Rose points out that oil based cakes breads such as this one improve upon standing for one day because the moisture has time to distribute evenly. I was too excited to wait a whole day to dig into this, but it did last very well at room temperature for two days without any hint of staleness. Then I wrapped it tightly in foil and plastic and froze it. A week later, it defrosted beautifully and tasted just as fresh. If you’re the type to have guests over frequently, it would be a good idea to keep a bread like this in the freezer that you can defrost and serve for an impromptu breakfast. It also makes a wonderful hostess gift. Just make sure you know your hosts feelings on raisins beforehand 🙂

Out of respect to the author, I will not be posting any of the recipes unless I make significant changes to them. This recipe comes from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum and is available at bookstores everywhere or possibly in your local library.



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