Blueberry Muffins

Just like the strawberries from the last cake, summer brings an abundance of ripe, juicy blueberries. I have tried a lot of different blueberry muffin recipes, probably at least ten, and I always feel like they’re missing something.  They’re too dry, or too sweet or have an unappealingly coarse texture. Poor muffins, I’m so hard to please. Rose presents these as her ultimate blueberry muffins, and I agree that they leave a lot of other muffins in the dust.  They start off like a cake, by creaming together butter and sugar with lemon zest before adding egg and vanilla. All the other blueberry muffin recipes I’ve tried use  milk, yogurt or buttermilk as the liquid, but these use sour cream.

Finally, the tops get sprinkled with a little extra sugar and a dusting of nutmeg. The nutmeg gives them a really interesting flavor dynamic that is really unique and delicious. Fresh nutmeg would be really great, but I get paid by the hour so I’ll take what I can get, pre-ground.

They were really good. The lemon is subtle but helps give some contrast to the sweet, juicy blueberries and the nutmeg is even more subtle, but really unique. They are wonderfully moist and have a nice tender crumb inside. I’m not sure if this is my final blueberry recipe, but I think using sour cream and adding a touch of nutmeg is part of the secret. I don’t think anyone will mind as I work through more batches looking for the perfect balance.  Summer will give me plenty of time and berries to work with.



Out of respect to the author, I will not be posting any of the recipes unless I make significant changes to them. This recipe comes from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum and is available at bookstores everywhere or possibly in your local library.




  1. yum !! look mighty tasty

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