It’s Here!!!

I read cookbooks. I don’t just open to the index and pick out a recipe and head straight for it. Oh no. I love to read them from beginning to end. That way I can follow the author throughout the work. See how the chapters fit together and gain a better understanding of what the book has to offer. Otherwise I might as well just Google a recipe from a massive online database (which I do frequently, but it’s not the same as reading a book).

Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Bread Bible is my newest acquisition. Some consider it to be a definitive work on the subject of bread. My New Year’s Resolution this year was to bake all my own bread. So far, except for one minor hamburger/hot dog roll slip up I’ve been entirely true to it. I have not bought 1 loaf of bread, stack of tortillas or sack of bagels since December.

However, my motivation is seriously starting to slip (see hamburger bun incident), and when I saw this book on a shelf at a friend’s house I knew it was just the thing to get me excited about bread baking again. Thanks to Amazon Prime, two short days later I have my very own copy. I’ve been reading from the beginning and I can’t wait to dive in to baking.

I like to take on impossible challenges. So here’s the plan, I am going to bake through this huge book. She starts off easy with quick breads and small yeast breads before getting into flatbreads, rolls, artisan breads, sourdough and brioche.

I can’t wait to begin a journey through this book, and I know that I will come out the other side a better baker, and I’d love to share that journey with all of you through this site.

Ready to bake?





  1. ddd,
    have fun and good luck on your baking adventure.
    does your boyfriend know how lucky he is?
    i hope i don’t gain weight from your delicious photos!
    ilym, mom

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